Mudanzas EBM

We are removal company from Alicante with more than 25 years of experience . Self storage rooms and warehouse services.We are specialized in local, national and international removals. Assembly and disassembly of furniture. Mudanzas EBM Alicante, offers the most varied fleet with the most modern means (cranes and lifting platforms).

Mobility Corporation is the union between companies in the field of national and international removals. The aim of this platform is the collaboration and coverage anywhere in Europe, joining close collaborations around the world and allowing to ensure professionalism in the world of removals and anywhere in the world.

Currently we have no published routes.

Current routes

These routes that have been published by Mudanzas EBM could help you to achieve more competitive prices as well as consolidation or exclusive removals. For further information about the routes you can visit Group MOBILITY CORPORATION website.

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